Below are answers to some questions that are frequently asked about our formwork products.

What is the best way to start building a foundation?

Once you have installed corner forms, install the panels making sure to level them every three panels.

What type of panel forming system is recommended for maximizing my set of formwork panels?

If you’re interested in specializing in large scale projects such as commercial structures for which concrete walls higher than 10 feet need to be poured, you will need a formwork panel system that can build high walls. There are two types of panel forms that would meet these requirements, the 8’ (6-bar) panels and the 8’6” (6-bar) panels.

Did you know that there are different types of 5-bar panel forms?

Three types of 5-bar panels are in fact available on the market. The measurements between the bars differ, so it’s important to know the difference between them

Measurements for U.S. 5-bar panels: 7 in – 21 in – 37 in – 55 in – 75 in (8’ high)
Measurements for Canadian 5-bar panels: 7 in – 23 in – 41 in – 61 in – 81 in (8’ or 8’6” high)
Measurements for 4 Seasons Ties 5-bar panels: 7 in – 25 in – 43 in – 63 in – 87 in (8’6” high)